The Finest Grind, Period.

As the name implies, the Toothless Grinder has no teeth, but it does grind, unlike any other standard "toothed" grinder.  Fine or fluffy, you decide on the consistency or your herb.

Modern innovation, meets timeless technology.

The top piece of the Toothless Grinder uses a patented convex pattern mirrored by a concave pattern in the base piece.  When rotated these patterns cross creating a "scissoring" & "grinding" effect.  

The interaction between the two halves rolls the material against the sharp edges of the pattern.  As you rotate, your herb will become finer and finer.  As fine as you desire really.  This is unlike any other regular shredding grinders.

For the 4-stage version only

Product will proceed to fall onto the replaceable magnetic screen (of which there are different micron sizes available), and kief will be collected on a curved pollen tray.

The Toothless Grinder is backed by a non-limited lifetime warranty.

All you need is your proof of purchase.

Check out this video to see the Toothless Grinder in action